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The Mignot lab is eclectic, and now works in three main areas: 1) Machine learning and signal processing applied to human sleep recordings, 2) genetics and proteomics of human sleep and sleep disorders, and 3) the role of the immune system in autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders of the brain, including narcolepsy. In addition to these specific areas, lab members are encouraged to explore new domains as their scientific questions evolve. It is often at the interface of disciplines and technologies that fun and important discoveries occur. Our lab prizes collaboration in areas where we have less expertise; we work and maintain strong relationships with teams around the world.

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Latest Publications

Mignot Lab Member

Sodium Oxybate Treatment Effects on Sleep Architecture in Pediatric Patients With Narcolepsy With Cataplexy (1172)

Emmanuel Mignot and Richard K Bogan and Jed Black and Rupa Parvataneni and Diane Menno and Y Grace Wang and Yves Dauvilliers

Cataplexy-Free Days With Sodium Oxybate Treatment in Children/Adolescents With Narcolepsy With Cataplexy (1211)

Emmanuel Mignot and Carol L Rosen and Diane Menno and Y Grace Wang and Judi Profant and Yves Dauvilliers

Treatment of narcolepsy with natalizumab

Thomas E Scammell and Guo Luo and Priya Borker and Lee Sullivan and Kelsey Biddle and Emmanuel Mignot

Acoustic stimulation time-locked to the beginning of sleep apnea events reduces oxygen desaturations: a pilot-study

Adrien Waeber and Pierrick J Arnal and Gianpaolo Lecciso and David Albir and Emmanuel Mignot and Raphael Heinzer

The Association Between REM Sleep and Risk of Mortality in Three Independent Cohorts

EB Leary and KT Watson and S Ancoli-Israel and S Redline and K Yaffe and LA Ravelo and PE Peppard and J Zou and S Goodman and E Mignot and KL Stone

Effects of Sodium Oxybate (SXB) on Body Mass Index (BMI) in Pediatric Patients With Narcolepsy

Y Dauvilliers and GJ Lammers and M Lecendreux and G Plazzi and K Maski and S Kansagra and E Mignot and D Menno and Y Wang and CL Rosen

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