image of lab member Han Yan

Han Yan, MD PhD


Life Science Research Professional


I work primarily in the wet lab. I received my MD/PhD degrees from Peking University. I have been focusing on sleep disorders, especially research of narcolepsy, since 2010. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming and cooking.

Latest Publications

Narcolepsy risk loci outline role of T cell autoimmunity and infectious triggers in narcolepsy

Hanna M Ollila and Eilon Sharon and Ling Lin and Nasa Sinnott-Armstrong and Aditya Ambati and Selina M Yogeshwar and Ryan P Hillary and Otto Jolanki and Juliette Faraco and Mali Einen and Guo Luo and Jing Zhang and Fang Han and Han Yan and Xiao Song Dong and Jing Li and Jun Zhang and Seung-Chul Hong and Tae Won Kim and Yves Dauvilliers and Lucie Barateau and Gert Jan Lammers and Rolf Fronczek and Geert Mayer and Joan Santamaria and Isabelle Arnulf and Stine Knudsen-Heier and May Kristin Lyamouri Bredahl and Per Medbøe Thorsby and Giuseppe Plazzi and Fabio Pizza and Monica Moresco and Catherine Crowe and Stephen K Van den Eeden and Michel Lecendreux and Patrice Bourgin and Takashi Kanbayashi and Francisco J Martínez-Orozco and Rosa Peraita-Adrados and Antonio Benetó and Jacques Montplaisir and Alex Desautels and Yu-Shu Huang and Poul Jennum and Sona Nevsimalova and David Kemlink and Alex Iranzo and Sebastiaan Overeem and Aleksandra Wierzbicka and Peter Geisler and Karel Sonka and Makoto Honda and Birgit Högl and Ambra Stefani and Fernando Morgadinho Coelho and Vilma Mantovani and Eva Feketeova and Mia Wadelius and Niclas Eriksson and Hans Smedje and Pär Hallberg and Per Egil Hesla and David Rye and Zerrin Pelin and Luigi Ferini-Strambi and Claudio L Bassetti and Johannes Mathis and Ramin Khatami and Adi Aran and Sheela Nampoothiri and Tomas Olsson and Ingrid Kockum and Markku Partinen and Markus Perola and Birgitte R Kornum and Sina Rueger and Juliane Winkelmann and Taku Miyagawa and Hiromi Toyoda and Seik-Soon Khor and Mihoko Shimada and Katsushi Tokunaga and Manuel Rivas and Jonathan K Pritchard and Neil Risch and Zoltan Kutalik and Ruth O’Hara and Joachim Hallmayer and Chun Jimmie Ye and Emmanuel J Mignot

Neural network analysis of sleep stages enables efficient diagnosis of narcolepsy

Jens B Stephansen and Alexander N Olesen and Mads Olsen and Aditya Ambati and Eileen B Leary and Hyatt E Moore and Oscar Carrillo and Ling Lin and Fang Han and Han Yan and Yun L Sun and Yves Dauvilliers and Sabine Scholz and Lucie Barateau and Birgit Hogl and Ambra Stefani and Seung Chul Hong and Tae Won Kim and Fabio Pizza and Giuseppe Plazzi and Stefano Vandi and Elena Antelmi and Dimitri Perrin and Samuel T Kuna and Paula K Schweitzer and Clete Kushida and Paul E Peppard and Helge BD Sorensen and Poul Jennum and Emmanuel Mignot

HLA-DPB1 and HLA class I confer risk of and protection from narcolepsy

Hanna M Ollila and Jean-Marie Ravel and Fang Han and Juliette Faraco and Ling Lin and Xiuwen Zheng and Giuseppe Plazzi and Yves Dauvilliers and Fabio Pizza and Seung-Chul Hong and Poul Jennum and Stine Knudsen and Birgitte R Kornum and Xiao Song Dong and Han Yan and Heeseung Hong and Cristin Coquillard and Joshua Mahlios and Otto Jolanki and Mali Einen and Isabelle Arnulf and Birgit Högl and Birgit Frauscher and Catherine Crowe and Markku Partinen and Yu Shu Huang and Patrice Bourgin and Outi Vaarala and Alex Désautels and Jacques Montplaisir and Steven J Mack and Michael Mindrinos and Marcelo Fernandez-Vina and Emmanuel Mignot