image of lab member Bruna de Freitas Dias

Bruna de Freitas Dias, MD


Postdoctoral scholar


I am a Brazilian physician training to be a neuroscientist and I have a special interest in autoimmune neurological diseases. I graduated from Albert Einstein Medical School, Sao Paulo – Brazil in 2021. My research predominantly focuses on studying the epidemiology of autoimmune encephalitis (including socioeconomic status), environmental and infectious triggers, and genetic susceptibility to the disease onset. Furthermore, I am interested in assessing the burden of the disease in those patients. I am also a research coordinator in a multicenter Brazilian project (BrAIN -Brazilian Autoimmune Encephalitis Network) for over 6 years, for which now Prof Mignot is a collaborator. At Mignot’s Lab, I am involved in IGNITE project, and I will work in the association of clinical/ epidemiological data, KIR sequencing, and GWAS analysis. During my free time, you will find me in the gym working out, playing piano in the music room at EVGR, or biking around the campus with friends.