image of lab member Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang, MD


Life Science Research Professional




My main job duties are ensuring and fostering a safe, efficient, productive, and cooperative lab environment. I support Research Scientists, collaborate with clinical Doctors, process, sort, and track samples from different resources, and conduct experiments on HLA DQB1 0602 typing and CSF HCRT measurement to support clinical work. I am also in charge of submitting all lab orders.

Latest Publications

The NASA Twins Study: A multidimensional analysis of a year-long human spaceflight

Francine E Garrett-Bakelman and Manjula Darshi and Stefan J Green and Ruben C Gur and Ling Lin and Brandon R Macias and Miles J McKenna and Cem Meydan and Tejaswini Mishra and Jad Nasrini and Brian D Piening and Lindsay F Rizzardi and Kumar Sharma and Jamila H Siamwala and Lynn Taylor and Martha Hotz Vitaterna and Maryam Afkarian and Ebrahim Afshinnekoo and Sara Ahadi and Aditya Ambati and Maneesh Arya and Daniela Bezdan and Colin M Callahan and Songjie Chen and Augustine MK Choi and George E Chlipala and Kévin Contrepois and Marisa Covington and Brian E Crucian and Immaculata De Vivo and David F Dinges and Douglas J Ebert and Jason I Feinberg and Jorge A Gandara and Kerry A George and John Goutsias and George S Grills and Alan R Hargens and Martina Heer and Ryan P Hillary and Andrew N Hoofnagle and Vivian YH Hook and Garrett Jenkinson and Peng Jiang and Ali Keshavarzian and Steven S Laurie and Brittany Lee-McMullen and Sarah B Lumpkins and Matthew MacKay and Mark G Maienschein-Cline and Ari M Melnick and Tyler M Moore and Kiichi Nakahira and Hemal H Patel and Robert Pietrzyk and Varsha Rao and Rintaro Saito and Denis N Salins and Jan M Schilling and Dorothy D Sears and Caroline K Sheridan and Michael B Stenger and Rakel Tryggvadottir and Alexander E Urban and Tomas Vaisar and Benjamin Van Espen and Jing Zhang and Michael G Ziegler and Sara R Zwart and John B Charles and Craig E Kundrot and Graham BI Scott and Susan M Bailey and Mathias Basner and Andrew P Feinberg and Stuart MC Lee and Christopher E Mason and Emmanuel Mignot and Brinda K Rana and Scott M Smith and Michael P Snyder and Fred W Turek

Narcolepsy risk loci are enriched in immune cells and suggest autoimmune modulation of the T cell receptor repertoire

Hanna M Ollila and Eilon Sharon and Ling Lin and Nasa Sinnott-Armstrong and Aditya Ambati and Ryan P Hillary and Otto Jolanki and Juliette Faraco and Mali Einen and Guo Luo and Jing Zhang and Fang Han and Han Yan and Xiao Song Dong and Jing Li and Jun Zhang and Seung-Chul Hong and Tae Won Kim and Yves Dauvilliers and Lucie Barateau and Gert Jan Lammers and Rolf Fronczek and Geert Mayer and Joan Santamaria and Isabelle Arnulf and Stine Knudsen and May Kristin Lyamouri Bredahl and Per Medbøe Thorsby and Giuseppe Plazzi and Fabio Pizza and Monica Moresco and Catherine Crowe and Stephen K Van den Eeden and Michel Lecendreux and Patrice Bourgin and Takashi Kanbayashi and Rosa Peraita-Adrados and Francisco J Martínez-Orozco and Antonio Benetó and Jacques Montplaisir and Alex Desautels and Yu-Shu Huang and Poul Jennum and Sona Nevsimalova and David Kemlink and Alex Iranzo and Sebastian Overeem and Aleksandra Wierzbicka and Peter Geisler and Karel Sonka and Makoto Honda and Birgit Högl and Ambra Stefani and Fernando Morgadinho Coelho and Vilma Mantovani and Eva Feketeova and Mia Wadelius and Niclas Eriksson and Hans Smedje and Pär Hallberg and Per Egil Hesla and David Rye and Zerrin Pelin and Luigi Ferini-Strambi and Claudio L Bassetti and Johannes Mathis and Ramin Khatami and Adi Aran and Sheela Nampoothiri and Tomas Olsson and Ingrid Kockum and Markku Partinen and Markus Perola and Birgitte R Kornum and Sina Rueger and Juliane Winkelmann and Taku Miyagawa and Hiromi Toyoda and Seik Soon Khor and Mihoko Shimada and Katsushi Tokunaga and Manuel Rivas and Jonathan K Pritchard and Neil Risch and Zoltan Kutalik and Ruth O’Hara and Joachim Hallmayer and Chun Jimmie Ye and Emmanuel Mignot

The structured diagnostic interview for sleep patterns and disorders: rationale and initial evaluation

KR Merikangas and J Zhang and H Emsellem and SA Swanson and Alexandros Vgontzas and F Belouad and MM Blank and W Chen and M Einen and JP He and L Heaton and E Nakamura and S Rooholamini and E Mignot

Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 reduces hypocretin/orexin transmission

S Zhang and L Lin and J Zhang and S Tanaka and M Honda and E Mignot

Hypocretin deficiency in narcolepsy with atypical or without cataplexy

L Lin and J Zeitzer and M Einen and J Zhang and J Morkovitz and P Bourgin and E Mignot and S Hong and G Plazzi and S Nevsimalova

DQB1* 0301 and DQB1* 0601 modulate narcolepsy susceptibility in Koreans

Seung-Chul Hong and Ling Lin and Betty Lo and Jong-Hyun Jeong and Yoon-Kyung Shin and Su-Yeon Kim and Yongsil Kweon and Jing Zhang and Mali Einen and Anajane Smith and John Hansen and F Carl Grumet and Emmanuel Mignot

A study of the diagnostic utility of HLA typing, CSF hypocretin-1 measurements, and MSLT testing for the diagnosis of narcolepsy in 163 Korean patients with unexplained …

Seung-Chul Hong and Ling Lin and Jong-Hyun Jeong and Yoon-Kyung Shin and Jin-Hee Han and Ji-Hyun Lee and Sung-Pil Lee and Jing Zhang and Mali Einen and Emmanuel Mignot

CSF versus serum leptin in narcolepsy: is there an effect of hypocretin deficiency?

Isabelle Arnulf and Ling Lin and Jing Zhang and I Jon Russell and Beth Ripley and Mali Einen and Sonia Nevsimalova and Claudio Bassetti and Patrice Bourgin and Seiji Nishino and Emmanuel Mignot

Characterization of a sleep-like state in adult zebrafish

T Yokogawa and J Zhang and E Mignot

Angiotensin-converting enzyme, sleep-disordered breathing, and hypertension

Ling Lin and Laurel Finn and Jing Zhang and Terry Young and Emmanuel Mignot