image of lab member Umaer Hanif

Umaer Hanif, MScEng


Research Engineer




I’m a Biomedical Engineer pursuing my PhD degree at Dr. Mignot’s lab. My research is focused on applying image analysis and computer vision tools to the field of sleep science, more specifically obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). I recently developed an algorithm for predicting severity of OSA based on 3D craniofacial scans. I am currently working on modeling the internal pathology of OSA by analyzing sleep endoscopy videos.

Latest Publications

Prediction of Patient Demographics using 3D Craniofacial Scans and Multi-view CNNs

Umaer Hanif and Rasmus R Paulsen and Eileen B Leary and Emmanuel Mignot and Poul Jennum and Helge BD Sorensen

Non-invasive machine learning estimation of effort differentiates sleep-disordered breathing pathology

Umaer Hanif and Logan D Schneider and Lotte Trap and Eileen B Leary and Hyatt Moore IV and Christian Guilleminault and Poul Jennum and Helge BD Sorensen and Emmanuel JM Mignot