image of lab member Lotte Trap

Lotte Trap, MSc


Visiting Researcher


Automatic Detection of Events in Sleep Apnea Using Long-Short Term Memory Network Currently: Data Engineer at Wunderman Thompson, Denmark

Latest Publications

Non-invasive machine learning estimation of effort differentiates sleep-disordered breathing pathology

Umaer Hanif and Logan D Schneider and Lotte Trap and Eileen B Leary and Hyatt Moore and Christian Guilleminault and Poul Jennum and Helge BD Sorensen and Emmanuel JM Mignot

0328 Automatic detection of respiratory events during sleep using bidirectional LSTM networks

KP Jacobsen and Alexander Neergaard Olesen and L Trap and PE Peppard and HB Sorensen and PJ Jennum and E Mignot