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Ling Lin, MD.PhD






I am an immunogenetist trained in the HLA system. I have worked with Dr. Mignot for more than 20 years trying to find the causes of Narcolepsy and Kleine Levin Syndrome. Currently I am training the new lab stuff to do the bulk deep sequencing, and helping machine learning projects gather GWAS, PSG, and clinical data.

Latest Publications

Why Did Pandemrix Trigger Narcolepsy? A Structural Approach

V Peris Sempere and A Ambati and G Luo and L Lin and E Mignot

Autoimmunity to Hypocretin/Orexin and Molecular Mimicry to Flu in Type 1 Narcolepsy (4989)

Guo Luo and Aditya Ambati and Ling Lin and Markku Partinen and Xuhuai Ji and Holden Maecker and Emmanuel Mignot

Strong Gene-Environment Interactions of Trank1 Gene Polymorphisms with Birth Difficulties in Kleine Levin Syndrome

A Ambati and R Hillary and SL Semenescu and L Lin and H Ollila and N Farber and Y Huang and Y Dauvilliers and I Arnulf and E Mignot

Proteomic biomarkers of sleep apnea

Aditya Ambati and Yo-El Ju and Ling Lin and Alexander N Olesen and Henriette Koch and Julien Jacques Hedou and Eileen B Leary and Vicente Peris Sempere and Emmanuel Mignot and Shahrad Taheri

Genetics of Anti-NMDAR Encephalitis Implicates Natural Killer Cells

Aditya Ambati and Ling Lin and Sergio Muniz-Castrillo and AM Pinto and Hanna Ollila and Veronique Rogemond and Carsten Finke and Frank Leypoldt and Maarten Titulaer and Jerome Honnorat and Emmanuel Mignot

Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Narcolepsy-Associated Pandemic 2009 Influenza Vaccines

Aditya Ambati and Guo Luo and Elora Pradhan and Jacob Louis and Ling Lin and Ryan D Leib and Hanna Maria Ollila and Thomas Poiret and Christopher Adams and Emmanuel Mignot

Kleine-Levin Syndrome is Associated with Trank1 Gene Variants in Conjunction with Birth Difficulties

Aditya Ambati and Ryan Hillary and Smaranda Leu-Semenescu and Hanna M Ollila and Ling Lin and Isabelle Arnulf and Emmanuel Mignot

Primary DQ effect in the association between HLA and neurological syndromes with anti-GAD65 antibodies

Sergio Muñiz-Castrillo and Aditya Ambati and Valérie Dubois and Alberto Vogrig and Bastien Joubert and Véronique Rogemond and Geraldine Picard and Ling Lin and Nicole Fabien and Emmanuel Mignot and Jérôme Honnorat

The NASA Twins Study: A multidimensional analysis of a year-long human spaceflight

Francine E Garrett-Bakelman and Manjula Darshi and Stefan J Green and Ruben C Gur and Ling Lin and Brandon R Macias and Miles J McKenna and Cem Meydan and Tejaswini Mishra and Jad Nasrini and Brian D Piening and Lindsay F Rizzardi and Kumar Sharma and Jamila H Siamwala and Lynn Taylor and Martha Hotz Vitaterna and Maryam Afkarian and Ebrahim Afshinnekoo and Sara Ahadi and Aditya Ambati and Maneesh Arya and Daniela Bezdan and Colin M Callahan and Songjie Chen and Augustine MK Choi and George E Chlipala and Kévin Contrepois and Marisa Covington and Brian E Crucian and Immaculata De Vivo and David F Dinges and Douglas J Ebert and Jason I Feinberg and Jorge A Gandara and Kerry A George and John Goutsias and George S Grills and Alan R Hargens and Martina Heer and Ryan P Hillary and Andrew N Hoofnagle and Vivian YH Hook and Garrett Jenkinson and Peng Jiang and Ali Keshavarzian and Steven S Laurie and Brittany Lee-McMullen and Sarah B Lumpkins and Matthew MacKay and Mark G Maienschein-Cline and Ari M Melnick and Tyler M Moore and Kiichi Nakahira and Hemal H Patel and Robert Pietrzyk and Varsha Rao and Rintaro Saito and Denis N Salins and Jan M Schilling and Dorothy D Sears and Caroline K Sheridan and Michael B Stenger and Rakel Tryggvadottir and Alexander E Urban and Tomas Vaisar and Benjamin Van Espen and Jing Zhang and Michael G Ziegler and Sara R Zwart and John B Charles and Craig E Kundrot and Graham BI Scott and Susan M Bailey and Mathias Basner and Andrew P Feinberg and Stuart MC Lee and Christopher E Mason and Emmanuel Mignot and Brinda K Rana and Scott M Smith and Michael P Snyder and Fred W Turek

0042 Proteomic Biomarkers Of Circadian Time

Aditya Ambati and Ling Lin and Kirsi-Marja Zitting and Jeanne F Duffy and Jamie Zeitzer and David Spiegel and Charles A Czeisler and Emmanuel Mignot