image of lab member Selina Yogeshwar

Selina Yogeshwar, PhD


Visiting Student Researcher


I am a neuroscientist with a special interest in autoimmune neurological diseases. My research predominantly focuses on the pathophysiology of anti-IgLON5 disease, which is characterized by autoantibodies against IgLON5 and the neuronal accumulation of hyperphosphorylated tau protein. I am interested in untangling how autoimmunity is functionally mediated in this condition; thus my research focuses on HLA-association and the characterization of immune cells. Furthermore, I am examining spatial and temporal changes to the brains of patients in a clinical context using imaging. Prior to joining the Mignot Lab, I completed my BSc and MSc at University College London and trained in the labs of Jason Rihel and Stephen Davies. I commenced my PhD as an Einstein fellow in 2020, with my research split between the Mignot Lab and the lab of Carsten Finke (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin). In my free time, you will either find me on the tennis court or listening to Beethoven symphonies over Sloe Gin.

Latest Publications

Protective association of HLA-DRB1* 04 subtypes in neurodegenerative diseases implicates acetylated tau PHF6 sequences

Emmanuel Mignot and Yann Le Guen and Guo Luo and Aditya Ambati and Vincent Damotte and Iris Jansen and Eric Yu and Aude Nicolas and Itziar de Rojas and Thiago Leal and Akinori Miyashita and Céline Bellenguez and Michelle Lian and Kayenat Parveen and Takashi Morizono and Hyeonseul Park and Benjamin Grenier-Boley and Tatsuhiko Naito and Fahri Küçükali and Seth Talyansky and Selina Yogeshwar and Vicente Sempere and Wataru Sempere and Victoria Álvarez and Beatrice Arosio and Michael Belloy and Luisa Benussi and Anne Boland and Barbara Borroni and Maria Jesus Bullido and Paolo Caffarra and Jordi Clarimon and Antonio DANIELE and Daniel Darling and Stéphanie Debette and Jean-François Deleuze and Martin Dichgans and Carole Dufouil and Emmanuel During and Emrah Düzel and Daniela Galimberti and Guillermo Garcia-Ribas and Jose María García-Alberca and Pablo García-González and Vilmantas Giedraitis and Oliver Goldhardt and Caroline Graff and Edna Grünblatt and Oliver Hanon and Lucrezia Hausner and Stefanie Heilmann-Heimbach and Henne Holstege and Jakub Hort and Yoo Jin Jung and Jürgen Deckert and Silke Kern and Teemu Kuulasmaa and Ling Ling and Carlo Masullo and Patrizia Mecocci and Shima Mehrabian and Alexandre de Mendonça and Merce Boada and Pablo Mir and Susanne Moebus and Fermin Moreno and Benedetta Nacmias and Gaël Nicolas and Shumpei Niida and Børge Nordestgaard and Goran Papenberg and Janne Papma and Lucilla Parnetti and Florence Pasquier and Pau Pastor and Oliver Peters and Yolande Pijnenburg and Gerard Piñol-Ripoll and Julius Popp and Laura Molina-Porcel and Raquel Puerta Fuentes and Jordi Pérez-Tur and Innocenzo Rainero and Inez Ramakers and Luis Real and Steffi Riedel-Heller and Eloy Rodriguez-Rodriguez and Jose Luis Royo and Dan Rujescu and Nikolaos Scarmeas and Philip Scheltens and Norbert Scherbaum and Anja Schneider and Davide Seripa and Ingmar Skoog and Vincenzo Solfrizzi and Gianfranco Spalletta and Alessio Squassina and John van Swieten and Raquel Sánchez-Valle and Eng-King Tan and Thomas Tegos and Charlotte Teunissen and Jesper Qvist Thomassen and Lucio Tremolizzo and Martin Vyhnalek and Frans Verhey and Margda Waern and Jens Wiltfang and Jing Zhang and Henrik Zetterberg and Kaj Blennow and Julie Williams and Philippe Amouyel and Frank Jessen and Patrick Kehoe and Ole Andreassen and Cornelia van Duijn and Pascual Sanchez-Juan and Ruth Frikke-Schmidt and Kristel Sleegers and Tatsushi Toda and Anna Zettergren and Martin Ingelsson and Yukinori Okada and Giacomina Rossi and Mikko Hiltunen and Jungsoo Gim and Kouichi Ozaki and Rebecca Sims and Jia Nee Foo and Wiesje van der Flier and Takeshi Ikeuchi and Alfredo Ramirez and Ignacio Mata and Agustín Ruiz and Ziv Gan-Or and Kun Ho Lee and Jean-Charles Lambert and Michael Greicius

T cell reactivity to regulatory factor X4 in type 1 narcolepsy

Guo Luo and Selina Yogeshwar and Ling Lin and Emmanuel Jean-Marie Mignot