image of lab member Lorenzo Carvelli

Lorenzo Carvelli, MSc


Visiting Researcher


Design of a Multiple Dataset LM and PLM Detector with End-to-End Deep Learning Approach Currently: Algorithm Developer at Trackman, USA

Latest Publications

Design of a deep learning model for automatic scoring of periodic and non-periodic leg movements during sleep validated against multiple human experts

Lorenzo Carvelli and Alexander N Olesen and Andreas Brink-Kjær and Eileen B Leary and Paul E Peppard and Emmanuel Mignot and Helge BD Sørensen and Poul Jennum

0323 Design of a Deep Learning Based Algorithm forAutomatic Detection of Leg Movements During Sleep

L Carvelli and A Neergard Olesen and EB Leary and H Moore and LD Schneider and PE Peppard and PJ Jennum and HB Sørensen and E Mignot