image of lab member Ana Cahuas

Ana Cahuas, BSc


Clinical Research Coordinator Associate


Before arriving at Stanford, I received my BS in Psychology from the University of Michigan. I work primarily on drug and device studies within sleep medicine. The scope of the clinical research trials that I am involved with range from treating narcolepsy to REM behavior disorder to circadian disorders. Some device studies I have worked on include evaluating sensors, actigraphy watches, and other wearables that study sleep for comparison to the gold standard in-lab polysomnogram. Outside of work, I enjoy creative projects like knitting and interior design, as well as going for hikes with my dog!

Latest Publications

Ambulatory detection of isolated REM sleep behavior disorder combining actigraphy and clinical questionnaire

Andreas Brink-Kjaer and Niraj Gupta and Eric Marin and Jennifer Zitser and Oliver Sum-Ping and Anahid Hekmat and Flava Bueno and Ana Cahuas and James Langston and Poul Jennum and Helge BD Sorensen and Emmanuel Mignot and Emmnauel During